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What Does My $45 Get Me?

WIIFM? What's In It For Me? Well, we're glad you asked. Forty-five bucks, that's how much it costs annually to be a member of Protect and Defend. Your Annual Dues are due on your anniversary date, so its a full twelve months. PAD attends many events, you may see us at New Orleans, Police Week or in Palm Springs, but many LGBT Military and Public Safety personnel do not know what they exactly receive for their money when they join us, and we don't blame you for pondering. So without further adieu, here's a crash course on Protect and Defend also referred to as PAD for short.


Security | Privacy

Protect and Defend is a secured organization that is dedicated to preserving your identity and involvement. We do not keep copies of identification cards. Our staff is made up of our membership, not paid staff. Our private events are secured and memberships are restricted to the professions we represent. Protect and Defend hosts a web site with resources, information and allows networking for men and women in our professions nationwide. Updated regularly, this forum facilitates an open forum with the general public, our organization and other groups.


End of Duty Benefits

All members in good standing receive a death benefit. In the unfortunate event of a line of duty death, the member's partner or identified beneficiary will receive $500.00 provided by Protect and Defend. This amount cannot make up for the loss of a partner or loved one, but is a way our family can give back to yours. This type of benefit isn’t offered by any other gay/lesbian organization.


Social Events

Our events are carefully planned to ensure everyone has a good time. We host private events such as our Party in the Desert in Palm Springs annually and public events which all members are encouraged to participate in. Joining our group allows you to join "a family” of professionals in the same field; we have special mentoring programs that allow you to meet members prior to any function so you know you’re a part of the team, our team!

Public Events are designed to network within the jurisdiction in which the event is being held. We use it to raise funds, promote our mission, network and to give back to the gay/lesbian community. Events are thrown at various locations throughout the United States.  Should a business, club or business owner wish to host Protect and Defend, our events team would network with them to make the best possible event.

Private Events are events for members, their partners and guests. One such event is our annual Party in the Desert.  These events are professional and if generally have an events team that coordinates hotel accommodations for travelers. ANY member in good standing of Protect and Defend can host a event of their own, simply contact your State Representative, Regional Director, or Board Member and we will post the event on our site and assist you with planning the event. Our hotels love is because PAD has a reputation for providing quality events, we carry liability insurance to protect our club and its members in addition to we have an incredible staff that have been planning events at venues for the last TEN (10) years!


Legal Counsel

Protect and Defend currently has attorneys that specialize in workers discrimination and copyright law. We are working to bring more attorneys into our legal counsel team. Legal advice is available to members simply by contacting the Membership Coordinator. Members that feel they are in a hostile work environment or being discriminated against should use this worthwhile service. Service members that are members within Protect and Defend are encouraged to contact SLDN for matters involving Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


Peer Support Hotline

A fraction of your dues goes to maintain a 24 hour hotline that is available to LGBT Public Safety, Military, EMS, First Responders and Government Employees can call for support. This service is available to ALL LGBT Employees and not just Protect and Defend members.


Peer Support Team

Members from throughout the country bring a vast amount of experience to the Peer Support Team, their knowledge and experience is available to PAD members who may be experiencing a loss, PTSD or critical incident.


Tax Write Off

Protect and Defend is a non profit 501C-3 Tax Exempt organization. Products and Services donated to PAD are tax deductible. Your dues and attendance to our venues are a tax write off for you. Please always consult with your tax professional. 


Transitional Support

Military members have access to resources and other members to assist them with the application process to beginning a career in Public Safety. (PAD States Only)



Protect and Defend doesn't just focus on educating our community, but its members as well. Every national venue has a training that is specific to our members professions. A Certificate of Attendance is provided to all who attend which also aides in your tax write off at the end of the year. 


Being a Part of a Family

When you join Protect and Defend, you not only become a member of Protect and Defend you become part of an external family that comes together at venues and events throughout the year, networking on various websites  and you become part of a bigger mission as PAD donates to LGBT Charities and Organizations throughout the United States. Join our community and give us a year of membership to prove to you, this is a community and a family you will be proud to be a part of.


 Protect and Defend
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